Chalk paint & Black Hills autumn nesting

chalk paint at Rapid City shop

I love working with small businesses as a marketing consultant.

Along the way, I get to find some real gems of #Sodak sustainability, so be prepared for plenty of posts now about the jewels I find in the small businesses in the Black Hills (and elsewhere) that I frequent.

This week has been no exception.

Today’s kudos goes out to the fantastic family-run businesses Mostly Chocolates, Pottery 2 Paint and the new Throwback Thursday. These shops are all under one roof and ran by various members of the same family.

Love it!

I came in for refueling and wi-fi, but I found a lot more!

Mostly Chocolates is just a pleasure. I’ve also been to the one in Pierre that also has the Pottery 2 Paint location with it as well.

This one is even more robust with goodies, tasting offerings and of course the wonderful Dark Canyon Coffee.

I give them points for attempting to reduce plastic in an industry that definitely relies on it to keep their products fresh.

The real treasure trove, though, was with the new boutique shop sandwiched between Mostly Chocolates and Pottery2Paint.

Throw Back Thursday (or TBT) showcases upcycled furniture for sale, all painted with non-toxic chalk paint. The prices are crazy reasonable and the pieces look solid enough for family use.

THe fun doesn’t stop there, because the owner also sells American Paint Company chalk paint, complete with primers on how to do your own work.

With the autumn equinox yesterday, autumn has officially reached the Black Hills.

If you are in nesting mode and want to make the most of the last warm days by refinishing some furniture, stop by TBT Repurposed Furniture for pointers or to pick up a fresh focal piece as you reorganize for the indoor-heavy winter months.

Opinions here are my own and are no way affected by monetary gains of any sort. My gushing is not sponsored by the businesses or companies mentioned nor affected by my day job.

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